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Nutraponics Tray Tower Hydroponics Growing System with LED Grow Lights – Automated Setup & Remote Control for Easy Use – Eat Fresh Home-Grown Herbs, Fruits and Veggies (3 Tier)


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Product Summary

A remote-controlled tray system with individually controlled LED grow lights, a large water tank, noise-free operation, portable and 48 planting sites.


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Nutraponics Features & Benefits

Nutraponics® is a modular, stackable and mobile vertical growing ecosystem, especially designed engineered to maximize yield in an automated & controlled environment with minimal effort.


Stackable Design

A modular design that makes it easy to stack up add to the tower without having to buy new equipment.

Easy Setup

In about 25-30 miu

With easy to follow guides, & a simple snap-in-place modular design, getting started is quick and easy.

User Friendly

Easy to Start a Maintain

With Everything you need to get started, and an automated setup, starting your own farm has never been easier. 


For Maximum Results

The Unique for of the tower allows for maximum efficiency and product higher yields than competition. 

Product Description

Grow More with Ease: Grow your favorite herbs, fruits, and veggies organically using natural nutrients. Our Tray Tower has a simple setup and is easy to use.

Better and Longer Lasting Features: Control the lights, which are designed to last over 5000 hours, as well as the flow of nutrients manually for better efficiency, making the system modular and easy to expand as you grow more fruits and vegetables.

Vacation Mode On: Well equipped with a large tank to hold up to 10 gallons of water to ensure about 2 weeks of unmonitored operation.

Noise-Free Operation: The hassle-free design is leak-proof, easy to set up, takes up very little space, and operates at low sound levels, making it ideal for indoor use in living spaces without being too intrusive.

Balanced Spectrum LED Grow Lights: The remote-controlled system provides a balanced spectrum and highly effective grow lights that amplify the growth of plants effectively and efficiently.

Storage Space for Supplies: The internal water distribution is intended to be effective and noise-free; the last thing you want is the constant sound of your system when it is placed in your kitchen or living room.

Portable and Versatile: The system is set on concealed castors, making it easy to maneuver even at full capacity.

Grow What You Want: The Nutraponics Tray Tower comes equipped with everything you need to get set up. All you need to get started is your choice of seeds from local nurseries or online.

Nutraponics Delivers Consistent Results

Harnessing aeroponic growing technology, Nutraponics Tower Garden offers a cleaner, simpler, more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy food for you, the family and the community.


More Nutritious Better Tasting Yield

Nutraponics® improves quality, production speed, as well as overall productivity. It is especially suited for growing salads, herbs and similar plants, seedings and berries.

Reduced Footprint & Waste

Takes up less than 4 Sq Ft but yields up to 40% than traditional methods in the same space.

Nutrient-Rich Produce

Delivers water and nutrients directly to the roots helping you grow strong, healthy plants with minimal effort.

NFT + Aeroponics Tech

A cleaner, simpler, more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy food for you, the family and the community.

40% More Healthy Food

Grow plants with 40% greater yields on average, enjoying abundant, nutritious food all year round.

Effortless, Consistent Results

Science, research and lab-tested aquaponic systems you get a higher yields that grows faster consistently.

Controlled Environment Setting

As a closed farming, Nutraponics is protected from extreme weather condition and lack of freshwater resources.

Photo of happy woman chef wearing white uniform cooking meal

Product Specification

– 3’-4” high, 26” wide, and 14” deep
– 8” clear space between trays
– 36 lbs dry weight, on castors
– 48 planting sites
– Power: 1305W with lights on
– Lumens (Brightness): 6500
– PPFD at 6” (Intensity): 246
– Color Temperature: 4200K – Plastic Materials: FDA-Approved PP

What's in the Box

– 48 pot System
– Instruction Manual
– Remote Control
– Accessories and Supplies (no seeds)
Our Most Advanced Indoor Gardening System: The Nutraponics™ Pro Shelf Automated Hydroponics System

Nutraponics™ offers easy hydroponics solutions with the Pro Shelf. The automated hydroponics system helps control the light and water cycles as well as a seeding bed for a truly all-in-one setup. Our unique garden tower offers the highest number of planting sites (72), a full spectrum LED setup, a self-sustaining water distribution sequence, and sensors to monitor and measure water levels that help turn your automated hydroponics system into a thriving farm — within a 3’x 2’ space and an elegant wall facing tower design. This is hydroponics of the future, delivered to you today!
  • What Kind of Seeds and Nutrients Can I use with the Pro Shelf Hydroponics Growing System?

    We do not use proprietary seeds or grow pods - this is mainly to reduce the costs to our customers, avoid monthly subscriptions that can get very expensive, and restrict the growth of a wide variety of plants, which is possible with end users getting their own seeds at a fraction of the cost locally from stores like Home Depot of Lowe's.

    Additionally, grow pods are usually filled with chemicals and other genetically enhanced ingredients to speed up growth, and we try to keep our ecosystem void of any chemicals.

    As for the nutrients, it's the same as the seeds - it's significantly cheaper for end users to get their own nutrients. There are numerous brands and options available both online and locally. You can pick the nutrients best suited for the type of plants you grow - there are chemical-free nutrients, and there are those specific for growing green leafy veggies like lettuce, spinach, and kale.

    We want our customers to refrain from bearing the added cost of growing their farms by selling branded nutrients when they can get cheaper options. The seeds and the nutrients are readily available and cost about $15-$20 each month, depending on how many towers you plan to use.

  • How can I grow seedlings with the Nutraponics Pro Shelf?

    The Pro Shelf has a dedicated tray of 85 seedlings that you can grow from store-bought seeds. Once the seedlings are ready, you can transfer them to any of the trays above.

    You can directly plant seeds into the provided growing medium- sponge in this case, and wait for the seedlings to sprout. Once you see the roots, you can then begin to use the hydroponics towers. You can place the growing medium directly into the provided mesh pots and begin watering them. Keeping the growing medium moist and in a dark and slightly warm space is key. Once the seeds begin to sprout and you see roots, you can then transfer the pots to the tower and start the water flow mechanism.

    Alternatively, you can also place the pots in the tower and skip the transfer. Simply ensure that you keep the growing medium moist, as the water system will be ineffective until the seedlings start to bear roots. To learn more on the steps of growing your own seedlings, check out our blogs under the ‘Learn’ section.

  • What Kind of Plants Can I Grow with an Indoor Hydroponic System?

    You can grow a wide variety of greens, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Grow everything indoors or outdoors depending on the system you get; there are very few limitations; mainly, stuff that grows above ground can thrive on our systems as they are built using sturdy materials. The plants you can grow range from cherry tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, strawberries, peppers, and kale to herbs such as basil, mint, rosemary, and chives, plus flowers like snapdragons, marigolds, and petunias. You can grow vines that work well on the Pro Shelf, as the corner columns act as supporting structures.

    With up to 12-15 times higher yields than traditional farming, the fully automated hydroponics system from Nutraponics guarantees a steady supply of nutrient-rich produce — up to 16 pounds each month, right in the comfort of your home or commercial kitchen. Additionally, once harvested, the plants continue to grow for several months.

  • Would I Be Able to Grow my Indoor Garden Throughout the Year?

    Absolutely. The reason for getting the Nutraponics™ Pro Shelf Automated Hydroponics System is to ensure that you can grow and have access to freshly grown produce throughout the year. Our systems are meant to be used indoors, and the outside weather does not affect the plants. The LED lights are designed to mimic the useful wavelengths of sunlight, and even in winter, these plants will continue to thrive, even if the system is located in a basement.

  • Do I Need To Have Advanced Knowledge in Hydroponic Indoor Gardening to Use the Nutraponics™ Automated Hydroponics System?

    Definitely not. These systems may seem overwhelming at first. They are large, have many parts, and may be a completely new technology for you. However, the concept of hydroponics is simple and straightforward.

    Plants need nutrition to grow - traditionally, this was thought to be provided by soil…but now we understand that this can be fulfilled by the addition of liquid nutrients as well, with supplemental lights. We share guides that will help you all along.

    You will receive a setup and installation guide to get started, along with a detailed 300-page guide on hydroponics that shows you exactly how to grow various plants - right from the water temperature to its pH level and light requirements.

    This should help you get started. Not to forget we have excellent customer service where you can contact us via phone, online chat, or email.

  • How is this Different compared to other Hydroponics Systems and Tower Gardens?

    You do not need any additional grow pods or proprietary seeds to start your garden. You can use seeds bought from a nursery or any local hardware store like Home Depot or Lowes. These seeds can be directly planted into the lowest tray, where they germinate into seedlings that can then be moved to the trays above. The Pro Shelf has 85 seedling sites and 72 planting sites. This makes the Pro Shelf Hydroponics System not just self-sustainable but also a fully automated hydroponics system.

  • What Are the Improvements and New Features Offered by the Nutraponics™ Hydroponic Growing System?

    The control panel lets you digitally control the lights, the water cycles, and other important setup features that help make this system efficient and improve yield. Our system is based on Ebb & Flow hydroponic technology, LED lighting, and digital controls, making the process of growing natural and nutritious food easier and more accessible than ever before!

    The Pro Shelf has been consistently improving its features, mainly faster assembly, easier maintenance, and increased durability. We use sustainable materials as well.

  • What is Included in the Nutraponics™ Pro Shelf?

    The Nutraponics ProShelf comes with everything you would need to get your garden started - the only things you would need are seeds and nutrients. At Nutraponics, we encourage you to grow what you want to - not restricting you to a limited number of plants and forcing you to buy seeds or grow pods from us endlessly. This not only ends up costing you more but limits the number of plants you can grow - not to mention the unsustainable load it has on the environment every time you have these seedings shipped. You save on $$$, you have a wider selection, and you’re doing good for the environment.

  • What are the specifications Nutraponics™ Pro Shelf?

    The ProShelf comes with the hydroponics system and its entire assembly, along with the necessary pots and sponges, the lights, the covers for unused pots etc. We also send you digital guides and instructions once the order ships out.

    The lights are 180w; the water pump is 15w.

    Additionally, the unit is about 5'-6" in height, about 2'-6" in width, and about 1'-4" in depth. The shelves are about 2" thick and are placed about 10" apart.

    It's not overwhelming in size - especially not in-depth - so it fits nicely into your room without obstructing a space.

    The specs are below:
    Rated Power: 220W
    Operating Temperature: 5-30℃
    Rated Voltage: 220/110v
    Planting positions: 72 in the planting layer
    Seeding positions:85 in the nursery layer
    (lowest)Year yield: ~250lb/year (as tested)
    Water tank capacity: 40L



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