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Hydroponic Garden Tower with LED Grow Lights


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Product Summary

Hydroponics Growing System Vertical Tower | NFT-based Indoor Tower Garden with LED Grow Lights – Drip System Vertical Garden for Growing Kits Herb Garden – 80 pots

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Nutraponics Features & Benefits

Nutraponics® is a modular, stackable and mobile vertical growing ecosystem, especially designed engineered to maximize yield in an automated & controlled environment with minimal effort.

Baby of fily iceberg lettuce


Stackable Design

A modular design that makes it easy to stack up add to the tower without having to buy new equipment.

Easy Setup

In about 25-30 miu

With easy to follow guides, & a simple snap-in-place modular design, getting started is quick and easy.

User Friendly

Easy to Start a Maintain

With Everything you need to get started, and an automated setup, starting your own farm has never been easier. 


For Maximum Results

The Unique for of the tower allows for maximum efficiency and product higher yields than competition. 

Product Description

Vertical Systems for Organic Farming: Nutraponics is a modular, stackable and mobile vertical growing ecosystem, specifically engineered to maximize yield and automation, producing a Fresh Harvest with minimal effort


A Must for Every Gardener: Whether you are a professional gardener or a hobbyist, this hydroponic growing system is the ideal way to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables right in your own home! This indoor herb garden is innovative, efficient, and easy to use. It is everything you need to grow your 100% natural and fresh crop.


Effortless Results Every Time: Specifically tailored to provide an optimum controlled environment for growing a wide range of fruits, herbs, and veggies. With our combination of science, research, and lab-tested aquaponic systems, you get a significantly higher yield that grows faster consistently.


Highly Energy Efficient: With Nutraponics, you control air humidity, amount of water supply, spray timings, and energy used. Our systems enable the recovery of a considerable percentage of energy already used in typical farming methods, saving approximately 66% energy.


Highly Efficient Water Savings: Only a fraction of irrigation water is used by the plants. In traditional methods, most water vaporizes into the air, making the process highly inefficient and wasteful. In Nutraponics, all vaporized humidity is caught in water circulation to be reused directly by the roots.


Grow Up to 40% More Healthy Food , 3x Faster Using Aeroponics + NFT, The Nutraponics Tower Garden grows plants with only water and nutrients. Our systems can grow plants 3X faster and produce 40% greater yields on average. That means you’ll be enjoying abundant, nutritious harvests all year round without waiting long.

Nutraponics Delivers Consistent Results

Harnessing aeroponic growing technology, Nutraponics Tower Garden offers a cleaner, simpler, more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy food for you, the family and the community.


More Nutritious Better Tasting Yield

Nutraponics® improves quality, production speed, as well as overall productivity. It is especially suited for growing salads, herbs and similar plants, seedings and berries.

Reduced Footprint & Waste

Takes up less than 4 Sq Ft but yields up to 40% than traditional methods in the same space.

Nutrient-Rich Produce

Delivers water and nutrients directly to the roots helping you grow strong, healthy plants with minimal effort.

NFT + Aeroponics Tech

A cleaner, simpler, more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy food for you, the family and the community.

40% More Healthy Food

Grow plants with 40% greater yields on average, enjoying abundant, nutritious food all year round.

Effortless, Consistent Results

Science, research and lab-tested aquaponic systems you get a higher yields that grows faster consistently.

Controlled Environment Setting

As a closed farming, Nutraponics is protected from extreme weather condition and lack of freshwater resources.

Creativity And Health

Product Specification

– Dimensions: 5′-6”H x 2′-0”W x 2′-0”D, 12″ LED extension
– 8 gallon nutrient storage tank capacity
– 80 planting sites
– 2” planting Pots

What's in the Box

– NFT-based hydroponics system
– 80 reusable planting net pots
– 100 seeding sponge cubes
– Timer to control water cycles and lights
– 12 LED tube grown lights kit


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  1. Get it. Been using it for about 7 months – and the cost of using this is less than $30/mo. Couldnt be happier to be honest!

  2. The system does take up a lot of space – more than I expected. Was planning to use this in the kitchen, but ended up in the sunroom. This is not exactly a beginners unit – its if you are willing to learn and or have some experience with hydroponics.

  3. These hold more plants than any other tower garden or farmstand – something that helps save space and is more cost effective.

  4. Got a 2nd tower about a month back and we now grow herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and greens simultaneously without having any downtime between harvests. Nutraponics Towers havedone a good job with these towers and I could not be happier with our choice. Highly recommend.

  5. The design of the system is the most efficient compared to my previous towers. This one does more for less! Absolutely the Best Choice in hydroponics rights now.

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