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Automated PRO Shelf with LED Grow Lights


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Product Summary

Indoor Hydroponics System - Planter for Herbs, Fruits, & Vegetables - Automated LED Grow Lights Hydroponic Growing System- Vertical Farming for Indoor Tower Garden Kit - 72 Planting + 85 Seeding Sites

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Nutraponics Features & Benefits

Nutraponics® is a modular, stackable and mobile vertical growing ecosystem, especially designed engineered to maximize yield in an automated & controlled environment with minimal effort.


Stackable Design

A modular design that makes it easy to stack up add to the tower without having to buy new equipment.

Easy Setup

In about 25-30 miu

With easy to follow guides, & a simple snap-in-place modular design, getting started is quick and easy.

User Friendly

Easy to Start a Maintain

With Everything you need to get started, and an automated setup, starting your own farm has never been easier. 


For Maximum Results

The Unique for of the tower allows for maximum efficiency and product higher yields than competition. 

Product Discription

  • A Must for Every Gardener: Whether you are a professional gardener or a hobbyist, this hydroponic growing system is the ideal way to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables right in your own home! This indoor herb garden is innovative, efficient, and easy to use. It is everything you need to grow your 100% natural and fresh crop.


  • Intelligent System: Our herb garden planter uses a smart technology that allows you to adjust the lighting mode and water cycle interval depending on the environment. This innovative growing system can regulate the light, temperature, and water supply, creating the ideal setting for your plants to thrive with little intervention from your side.


  • For Rich and Healthy Crops: By providing the optimal conditions for your plants to thrive without any chemicals or pollution residues, this smart herb planter can help program and stimulate photosynthesis and nutrient production, accelerating growth and offering richer and healthier crops full of natural antioxidants and nutrients.


  • Convenient Indoor Gardening: Whether you live in a house or apartment, this indoor hydroponic garden is the perfect solution to enjoy fresh crops. Everything is automatic, so you won’t get your hands dirty or carry pots around, as it can accommodate 72 planters and 85 seedlings occupying only a couple of square feet.


  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: Our hydroponics growing system is an autonomous ecosystem that controls the water supply, temperature, photosynthesis, and light, helping you reduce water and energy consumption. The crops are 100% natural and safe to enjoy from your indoor garden.

Nutraponics Delivers Consistent Results

Harnessing aeroponic growing technology, Nutraponics Tower Garden offers a cleaner, simpler, more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy food for you, the family and the community.

More Nutritious Better Tasting Yield

Nutraponics® improves quality, production speed, as well as overall productivity. It is especially suited for growing salads, herbs and similar plants, seedings and berries.

Reduced Footprint & Waste

Takes up less than 4 Sq Ft but yields up to 40% than traditional methods in the same space.

Nutrient-Rich Produce

Delivers water and nutrients directly to the roots helping you grow strong, healthy plants with minimal effort.

NFT + Aeroponics Tech

A cleaner, simpler, more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy food for you, the family and the community.

40% More Healthy Food

Grow plants with 40% greater yields on average, enjoying abundant, nutritious food all year round.

Effortless, Consistent Results

Science, research and lab-tested aquaponic systems you get a higher yields that grows faster consistently.

Controlled Environment Setting

As a closed farming, Nutraponics is protected from extreme weather condition and lack of freshwater resources.

Product Specification

– Dimensions: 5′-6”H x 2′-6”W x 1′-4”D
– Net pots size: 45mm outer lip, 38mm depth
– 16 gallon nutrient storage tank capacity
– 72 planting sites
– 85 seeding sites
– 12 stripes LED grow light
– Digital Control Panel

What's in the Box

– NFT-based hydroponics system
– 160 reusable planting net pots
– 400 seeding sponge cubes

2 reviews for Automated PRO Shelf with LED Grow Lights

  1. BABS

    I truthfully don’t give a lot of reviews since being an Amazon customer from early 2004, but making an exception I would be happy to say how happy I am with this product, Greenjoy-NutraPonics. I think this review is a combination in expressing my happiness all thru the continuous shopping, buying this & buying that from Amazon, it’s every happy purchase that I’ve made up to the present time anyway. So forgive me for making it a 7000 word essay.
    Right now it’s in my large deck window at the front entrance to my apartment. It makes a perfect window-box except it’s sitting indoors and because it’s stackable coming from the bottom up, I’m quickly thinking of making it a two-story garden. It would look very elegant.
    I am living on the ground floor, and my apartment is situated so it’s practically on the front lawn. It’s a very move to the pathway where it gets a lot of attention to my neighbors passing by. So according to where I’ve placed it, I think it’s been getting a lot of display. And it’s as pretty as a picture, perfectly framed. It’s quite a centerpiece. It’s so cozy to look at, it’s almost like having a mini-greenhouse. I personally think the window glass makes it look very elegant. It catches/throws off the light easily. Gives it a good look..
    It was very easy to follow the directions for assembly. The manual is a very detailed guide for starting
    seed pods and there is You Tube help, beginning from taking it out of the box to starting your own seedlings and setting them into the baskets. Very easy. Everything fits together, if you follow their simple instructions. It’s sort of Push-and-Pull with the four pillars that I did a few times until it clicked into place.
    One of the pillars has the electrical connection and also the tubing that connects to a small pump that sits on the bottom piece. The top-piece fits over the four pillars that snaps all four pillars together and voila, my masterpiece was created.
    When my seeds were germinating into seedlings, I put in Moss Rose, Rainbow Chard, Red Kale, Calendula and one Petunia into the 15-net pod baskets.
    Right now 3_weeks from the get-go they’re thriving on the LED lights, distilled water, nutrients and running pump. If there’s a fan in it I don’t hear it. The vents are on the top piece, but I can’t see inside.
    From the other online reviews a year ago, I thought that the interior fan was supposed to be very noisy, lt runs quietly. So I think that NutraPonics either fixed their latest model or it’s just been removed. If it was ever necessary, I don’t know. And anyway the housing itself it’s so completely light and airy, plenty of room to grow. There’s nothing stuffy about it.
    From all the things I keep shopping for on Amazon, I think this was something that I have been wanting for a long time, it definitely fills a space in my hart because I found what I was looking for. So I think that it makes a nice gift because it’s something that keeps on giving. Yes., There’s the herbs, flowers or fruit that’s right at your fingertips when U sit down to eat, SNIP&SNAP and it’s on your plate or if I just to take a picture of the Moss Rose picturing it in my mind when it’s ready to bloom,(that should take a while) . The Petunias I think will be blooming more quickly.
    Bottom line: When you make up your mind to buy it, you won’t be disappointed with the purchase.

  2. Luz

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